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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stuck in a Rut

For those of you who haven't guessed it, I hate change. It makes me uncomfortable. I've been this way for years. I get into a groove when I'm traveling in the same old rut... I like my rut. I like the predictability. I drive my husband insane when he proposes changing this or that. I give him a million reasons why we shouldn't change the way we have been doing whatever it is he's wanting to change. My philosophy is "It must work if it's gotten us this far".

Our roads here in Tennessee are not set up so great. There aren't enough lanes to support all the tourist we get, so there is always traffic anywhere you go. They've recently started doing construction on the road I use to get to the grocery store or Interstate. And you know what, I panic every time I drive on it. I don't like the roads being messed. I don't like not knowing what to expect around the next corner.

I was heading out to the Interstate a few weeks ago, and I noticed what looked like a blockade of orange cones. As I drove closer, I thought "Great, what am I supposed to do if they have the road blocked off". I didn't know where a detour would lead me. I was ready to just turn around and go home even though I really needed to make it out to my in-laws house...

But I kept going. And just when it looked like I could go no further, the road turned. It wasn't a dead end like I expected it to be after all.

It made me think about how I used to live my life and how I'm living it now. How many times have I thought there was no where else to go? How many times have I been scared God lead me to a dead end? Plenty. And I'm ashamed to say I've given up and gone home more times than I care to admit. But you know, when I have a little faith and continue down a road of uncertainty and doubt, a road that scares me... God always leads me exactly where I need to be. Every time.

The construction our city is undergoing right now may be inconvenient and for weird people like me, scary. But I understand why they are doing it. It was time for change. The old roads worked, but not well.

And if I had of turned around when I thought I was going to reach a dead end, I would have never discovered the turn in the road that took me where I was trying to go.

I feel like I'm in the part of my life where it looks like I'm hitting a dead end. In a million years, I would have never imagined I would be trying to change the law! Yet here I am trusting God to guide me down this uncertain road. I faithfully follow his lead and know I will find a turn instead of a dead end. Change still terrifies me, but I'm trying to make a conscious effort to make myself stay out of the rut I used to live in. God threw me out of that rut with Wyatt's diagnosis, and he's made it extremely hard to find it again. I think I'll just stop looking for it and enjoy what God is doing in my life right now. Friends, let me tell you, there is no limit to what God can do if you simply get out of your rut and follow his lead!



Franchesca Cox said...

This post is so uplifting, Danielle! Thank you for sharing it!

The Blue Sparrow said...

I too hate change, especially if its unexpected. Thank you for posting this, I really needed to hear it. (My computer is still on the fritz so thats why I havent responded to your last email. Thank you for checking in. 2moro is Brystons due date and Im pretty sure I'm guna need some extra prayer if you wouldnt mind.) *Hugs*

Sarah said...

so true Danielle! well said.

you are such a shining light :-)
Wishing you courage on your journey friend.xx

Mary Ellen said...

I am the Queen of ruts as well. I think for me growing up and a family were everyone is( or was at one point) a teacher hasnt help either. I love lesson plans they let me know what is "up next". But the past 5 years I have learned that God doesnt always follow my "lesson plans" no matter how hard I try to make Him. I am certainly a work in progress for being ok with that but everyday I am working on it. Glad to know I am not alone :-) Loved the post

croleyc69 said...

What a great post & so true. {{HUGS}}

Holly said...

I dislike construction on roads, especially when the make the lanes so small it seems like you're going to hit the person in the lane next to you. I close my eyes when Anth drives through those parts because it just freaks me out. He just laughs at me.

"Friends, let me tell you, there is no limit to what God can do if you simply get out of your rut and follow his lead!"


Trisha Larson said...

So ironic that you wrote this post. I was at bible study last night and the topic was "let go and let God". I thought of you then and now again. I struggle with this too. The fear of not beign in control.

Thank you for your honesty.


rnae~nae said...

I'm gonna post the site on myspace. I don't get on facebook, cos it confusing me...stuck in my rut there, lol... I feel you on the construction, but I have to drive down in between the barrels to pick up nathan. Scares the crap out of me. I don't know which gap to go through and not fall off the road, and if someone might rearend me cos I'm pulling off in a no no zone....

Booklover1212 said...

Danielle -

I come to your blog from Sarah Mae's "A Warm Cup of Coffee". I spent the last hour browsing through your blog, reading your story, looking at photos of your beautiful baby, and sniffling through the slide show honoring your beautiful baby Wyatt. My heart breaks for your loss and for your struggle. I will be signing your petition. I pray that God's hand continues to be with you through your fight and that He continues to be a source of comfort and peace to you.

God bless you & your beautiful family!

~ Jennifer

Karen said...

Hi Danielle: I posted a Wednesdays for Wyatt blog but I'm at a loss as to how to link it properly. I also put Wyatt's FB cause in my FB status update today. Love'n prayers from Canada.

kristilea said...

I was introduced to you blog today. I am so sorry about the battle you are facing with Tennessee Law. My feelings about the laws of this country, make me just about speachless. How did we get to where we are today as a country? I will be glad to sign your petition.

I like to be in my rut too. I call it being in my comfort zone (sounds a lot nicer, right? Like it's more acceptable to be there?!) Ha. But I have found that when I trust the Lord and allow Him to see me through stepping out into the detours and unknowns, those are the moments He can really bless me!

Jen said...

I just signed the petition, I'm also tweeting it ALL DAY LONG.
I'm praying.

Jen said...

Yippee, Yippee, Skippee!!!
Praise the're up to 762.
This is amazing. I've been tweeting and linking the site all day as well.
Still Praying.