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Sunday, October 18, 2009

And the Winner Is...

It's that time.

Time to announce the winner of this beautiful photo album. There were so many great ideas, most of which I'm working on currently. Thank you so much to every person who left an idea for me to consider. I'm blessed to have such wonderful bloggy friends!

So without further delay...

Congratulations to entry #19. Jennifer from The Blue Sparrow. She said:

"Where I live we have a local tv channel dedicated to 24 hrs of local news and events. They also do things like advertisments and bday announcements. If you have one in your area you could run an add."

Please e-mail me with your information so I can get your gift mailed out to you. Again, blame my husband if you were not the winner (he's the bad guy, not me)... I like making him be the bad guy so I don't have to be!



Franchesca Cox said...

LOL! I like making my husband the bad guy too..

I am glad you got a bunch of new ways to get more signatures!


Holly said...

Congrats Jennifer!!! I hope you got a lot of ideas Danielle!

The Blue Sparrow said...

YAY! I cant wait its so pretty! Thank you Danielle and Danielle's hubby! :D