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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At a Loss

I've had three lovely ladies award me with three completely different blog awards. I am SO behind on this post and owe an apology to these women. I have to be honest with you... I'm not here to get awards. I'm here to help someone along the way {hopefully} and simply share my son with anyone who will take the time to read about him.

I actually get a little embarrassed when someone gives my blog an award. Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to think someone wanted to recognize my blog. It's nice to hear "your blog inspires me" or that someone "applauds our families courage" But like I said, that's not why I'm here. And can I be honest with you?

We're not courageous. We're scared. We only walk this road because we have to. I would gladly give up this blog if I could be selfish and have my son back in my arms. GLADLY.

I'm not inspiring. It's all of you. It's YOUR story that inspires me.

And I most definitely don't deserve awards. You see, I'm actually taking advantage of all of you. You actually want to read about our family {our whole family}. So I run with it. I write about my son and I'm just thankful to have people who care enough about him to read little tidbits of his life from a mother who stumbles her way around this keyboard and uses "..." way too much.

I feel guilty for getting awards, but then feel horrible when I don't acknowledge the beautiful women who bestow the awards. So I let them accumulate until I can no longer ignore them...

Please make sure you go to these woman's blogs if you get a chance. Each one will touch your heart in their own special ways. All three of these women are sweethearts.

The first award I received was from Ann at Halesbelles. I was given this award like a month ago. Anne is a southern momma to four adorable children. She keeps her blog very real and honest. It's such a wonderful place to go when I'm needing a reality check. Thank you Ann for this great award. Your blog is amazing!

My second award is from oober creative Traci at Ordinary Inspirations. I LOVE her blog. I always strive to be a better christian, wife, and mother... and guess what her blog is devoted to? You guessed it! I always walk away from Traci's blog with ideas of how I can improve my life to better glorify God in my daily walk as a wife and mother, without feeling like a complete and utter failure. That takes talent! Thank you Traci :)

And finally, My third award is from BJ Mama at For what it's worth...Or not. Okay, so you know I automatically love her because she has "..." in her title! No, seriously, BJ Mama is a sweetheart. She's funny and tells it like it is. She's got more creativity in her little finger than I have in my entire body. Seriously!

Thank you to each of these woman for the awards. Per the instructions on the awards, I would have to pick a zillion blogs (okay, probably close to thirty... same difference) to pass this on to. I urge you to go to the blogs I follow and you will find blogs that far surpass mine. There's just no way to "pick" which one I like the best, or inspires me the most. Each bloggy friend I've made holds a special place in my heart and always will.

To all my blog friends... Thank you for "being there". Thank you for wanting to be a part of our families life. Thank you for "listening" as I include Wyatt in our everyday lives through this blog. It is all of you who deserve awards for simply being so great!



Franchesca Cox said...


You have a gift for just writing your heart. It's so transparent. I have often thought that too, how I would trade all this blog and hope collages to hold Jenna right now. Selfish, but so true. We are broken hearted people on the verge of drowning had it not been for the good grace of God. Thank you for the openness you have shared, and I hope you know you have made a difference in my life. Wyatt's life has made a difference for me.


My Very Own Angel said...

You deserve all the awards. I post your blog on the MVOA facebook fan page. Because it is very inspiring. However I know what you mean. I would gladly give up MVOA the 345 teddy bear project and everything else, just to be selfish and have Vayden back. I wish my blog was only up to tell my friends and family that Vayden finally rolled over or is pulling up on his own. It's hard still for me to read my own blog. But keep doing what you're doing, because I've learned that even in such a situation we women can go two ways, the good and the bad.

Love you

Traci Michele said...

THANKS Danielle! I'm so happy that my blog encourages you, and never makes you feel like a failure. It is good to know that! I would hate if people read my blog, and walked away thinking, "I could never do that". I'm so far from perfect, but I have a Perfect Savior!

I can't wait to meet you "Lord willing" in November!!!!! We'll have to exchange numbers... email me yours if you want or message me on facebook. (if you feel comfortable doing that)- but I feel like we have been friends forever, and have never met! God is so super COOL like that!

Holly said...

I don't do much with the awards and that makes me feel bad. I mostly hate having to narrow it down to ones to pass it on to. Congrats on your awards! Sometimes we don't feel very inspiring but someone, somewhere sees and feels it.

Just Breathe said...

Congratulations on the awards.

Mary said...

I love reading your blog because through your pain and sorrow you find a way to be hopeful and honest. Something I find hard to do sometimes.

Henninger Family said...

Yay for your awards =)

We are always "here" for you! ;)