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Friday, November 20, 2009

Stuffed Animals

Joseph and I didn't quite keep up with our tradition of buying baby a stuffed animal the day we found out we were pregnant this time. We just didn't feel safe doing it... Buying a stuffed animal for baby was acknowledging the hopes and dreams we already have. It scared me to open my heart up to the possibility of having all those dreams snatched away again.

However, after we had our first appointment and saw that baby was in the right spot and that his heart was beating (we'll use masculine form for now. I like it better than referring to baby as an "it"), we felt safe enough to buy baby's first stuffed animal. It was actually Joseph who brought it up. We got back in the truck from my OB appointment and he let out a sigh of relief followed by, "Can we get the baby a stuffed animal now?"

I ran into Kroger which happens to be where I found Wyatt's Elephant, and found the cutest little monkey! And just as it was the case with Wyatt's elephant, this monkey was the last one left. I knew it was meant for our little butter bean! Joseph however, didn't care for the monkey :( We ended up finding a lion we both liked when we went on a trip with some friends to Biltmore... So this baby will end up with a lion from both of us and a monkey from his siblings!

Our children now have a duck (Ansley)

A praying precious moments boy in blue PJ's (Eli)

An Elephant (Wyatt)

And a Lion (Finchum Baby Four).

What a combination!


Franchesca Cox said...

That is an adorable tradition! I am so glad your baby has his own stuffed animal :)