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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Gift from God

I was reading my bible last night about Eve after one of her sons (Abel) was murdered by the other (Cain). My heart grew heavy for her because not only did she lose one son, but because Cain was sent into exile, she in turn lost both of her children. Talk about hitting the bottom of the barrel. She went from a perfect existence, to experiencing the greatest heartache a person could possibly feel!

I was about ready to put my bible away for the night, but something caught my eye. I was intrigued so I kept reading...

Did you know that God blessed Eve with another son to console her broken heart? He was "appointed" to her because Abel was taken from her. Are you getting where I am going with this?

I really feel like God was speaking to me last night. Maybe I am just being wishful, but I feel like I may be carrying another son. I would be happy with anything as long as I get to take my baby home with me... But my heart longs to hold another baby boy in my arms.

And you know what? I think the name Seth (Adam and Eve's third and appointed son) would be the perfect name for us if we happen to be blessed with a third baby boy!

So what sort of middle name could go with Seth? I really wanted to incorporate Wyatt or Nathaniel somehow, but neither really seem to go very well...

As I was racking my brain last night and about to drift off to sleep, the name Alexander popped into my head! I instantly fell in love with Seth Alexander. My only complaint or reservation was that I didn't think Wyatt would be incorporated in the name. Wrong!

Alexander means "Warrior of men"... and we all know that Wyatt means "Little Warrior". So how about that!

And as far as girl names...

We're not getting too far on those. I like Faith simply because that is what this pregnancy will be... A walk of faith. However I suggested it to Joseph and he wrinkled his nose at it. We'll see. I know we still have plenty of time... I just like to pick my names out early so I can pray for my baby by name.


Franchesca Cox said...

No WAY! I am using Alexander as a middle name too!!! Joseph Alexander to be exact :)