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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am greatly humbled by the nominations I have received for blog awards over the last couple of days. I really don't consider my blog as being "award" worthy, as there are so many other blogs out there who do a much better job of sharing their hearts than I do. Just take a look at the blogs I follow, and you will see an entire lists' worth of blogs far more qualified to receive an award than mine is.

According to what I've read, this award is for bloggers who write honestly from their heart, from the depth of their soul. There are some simple rules to accept this award. Firstly, pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and secondly, list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about yourself.

Over the last day, I was nominated for this award by three sweet ladies:

1.) Jennifer from The Blue Sparrow. Jennifer and her husband Ty gave birth to their first born son on July 24th. His name was Bryston, a handsome little guy, who has gone on to his eternal home. Their loss is very new, so please, if you feel led, head over and love on them.

2.) Franchesca from Handprints from Heaven. Franchesca was called to surrender her sweet Jenna Belle just thirteen days after birth, and there is still no explanation as to why her daughter passed away. Jenna was just precious. I love the picture at the top of her blog where Jenna has a cute little bow in her hair!

3.) Sarah from Footprints of Angels. Sarah is the mother of four precious babies. Three of her babies are in heaven, and one sweet little boy is here keeping her busy... Very busy, I can imagine, as he is two!

Thank you so much to all three of these sweet women!

I have actually had the pleasure of receiving this award in the past. Just click here to see who I nominated previously. It was so hard to pick just seven people to nominate for the award then... I really don't think I will be able to pick just seven people this time. But I urge you to check out the blogs in my following list, as I hold each and every blog I follow, very dearly to my heart. I may not post very often on these blogs, but I read each post. I laugh, cry, and pray with these families on a daily basis.

I will however try my best to come up with ten new facts about myself (wouldn't want you to think I was trying to be lazy!). I don't know how *interesting* these facts will be, but I'll do my best to come up with facts you probably didn't know...

1.) Shoes are my favorite accessories. I buy my shoes first and THEN I find my outfit to go with them. Although I have TONS of shoes I wear the same 2-3 pair of flip flops.

2.) I am a jewelry freak, but any jewelry I purchase has to have the right personality. I hate cookie cutter jewelry, so I mostly wear Brighton jewelry. I feel it reflects my personality!

3.)We sponsor a little girl named Maria from Colombia. Maria and Ansley are only three months apart in age. I hope to sponsor a little boy that was born on Wyatt's birthday when finances permit.

4.)Chocolate, peanut butter, and Godiva chocolate cheesecake from the cheesecake factory are my weaknesses. My favorite sandwich is a peanut butter and M&M sandwich. MMmmm!

5.)Christmas is my all time FAVORITE part of the year. My tree goes up in October and Christmas music plays all year round in our house. I once thought about starting my own Christmas tree decorating business, but decided I had enough trees (5 to be exact) in my own house to worry about. I'm worried about how I will deal with Christmas this year... Last Christmas we didn't know there was anything wrong with Wyatt. I held my stomach and told Joseph how excited I was that "next Christmas we would have three babies to celebrate this time of year with", which brings me to #6...

6.) Joseph and I still plan on buying gifts for Wyatt this Christmas (well, every Christmas) and donate to a family that has a son around the same age as Wyatt, who is less fortunate. Our love for Wyatt will help another baby have a great Christmas :)

7.)I could live in the kitchen. I am always experimenting with new recipes. is visited daily. I HAVE caught part of the kitchen on fire ONCE. OOPS!

Joseph was in the next room and he hears me yell, "Joseph, could you come in her please... quickly!"

"What is it dear?", he sleepily reply's from the couch..
"Umm, the kitchen is kind of on fire..."

My husband about jumped through the roof. Luckily he was able to get it out for me. (In my defense, this happened in our newly wed days when I was just learning how to cook!)

8.)Forget roses…unusual flowers are the way to go. Stargazer lilies, Iris’, Sunflowers, Tulips, gardenia's …

9.) Sunsets still take my breath away. Actually, I think they are more special to me since Wyatt's passing. When I look up into the sky and watch a beautiful sunset, I feel just a little bit closer to heaven. I like to think my son is just on the other side of that sunset witnessing the same beauty as I am.

10.) Elephants will forever remind me of my son. We bought Wyatt a stuffed elephant the day we found out we were pregnant. How appropriate, as an elephant never forgets!


Just Breathe said...

I love your idea of buying gifts for Wyatt and then donate them.
That is very sweet.

The Blue Sparrow said...

Hey, this award was suppose to be about you and the great job you do, but thank you for the kind words! Your blog is award worthy. I just started reading your blog and I feel like Ive known you forever. You are a great writer!

Holly said...

Congrats! I actually was lazy and didn't nominate anybody. I usually don't post blog awards so I guess I give myself kudos for even doing that. lol

I love Christmas too. Such a wonderful time of the year! PB and M&M? That's a new one for me! Sounds interesting.

Franchesca Cox said...

That's hilarious about the fire in the kitchen, I had a similar episode when we were first married. I love your Christmas idea in honor of your Wyatt. That is a precious idea that I'd like to do as well