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Monday, September 21, 2009

Just for Fun

I have a couple of cute stories to share with you.

First of all, I've been working on potty training Eli. HELP! I had Ansley completely potty trained by the time she was two... Eli is quickly approaching his deadline and we aren't anywhere close. Boys are so much harder to train.

Eli has learned just enough through our efforts, to know how to take his big boy underwear OFF. He'll wear a shirt, but Lord forbid he keep his pants on, much less his easy-ups. See...

And yes, he really walks around like this when he can't get his pants over his shoes. What a hoot! I actually started dressing him in overalls to keep his pants on him. It worked for a while, but he's figured out how to get his arms out to get them off...


I've been setting a Daddy Alarm lately. I got the idea off of Traci's blog. I set it for an hour before my husband comes home and the kids know the timer means Daddy will be home to play soon. Ansley will help me clean up the house, and when we're done, they are at the window waiting to see Joseph's car pull up in the drive way.

When Joseph walks up the steps, Ansley opens the door for him and he gets greeted by "DADDYYYYYYYY!", along with a truckload of hugs and kisses. They love seeing daddy when he gets home from work and it just melts my heart.


I cleaned the kids room.

They destroyed it in ten minutes or less. I swear I gave birth to forces of nature instead of babies!

After a quick bathroom trip, I noticed it had gotten very quiet. Quiet=Bad when referring to toddlers or small children.

I grabbed my camera to catch them in action. It's a given they are doing something picture worthy when you hear nothing but silence. Sure enough, this is what I found when I peaked around the corner...

Apparently, the kids became parched after all the hard work from destroying their room and felt the need to replace electrolytes. Miss Ansley recently learned she could open the refrigerator and stuff goes missing from it all the time now.

When Eli realized he was caught, this is the little face he flashed me before he went back to chugging the last of his daddy's gatorade.

And when I asked Ansley if she though she should have asked mommy to get her and Eli a drink, I was answered with this face and a "I sorry mommy. Ansley's SO thirsty".

She really looks concerned about being caught, doesn't she?


I've been trying to make more healthy snacks for the kids lately.

A big hit with them were these Banana Pops.

They made a HUGE mess and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them devour these yummy treats. The mess I had to clean up was a small price to pay compared to these faces...

In case you are wondering, they are super easy to make. Cut a banana in half. Stick a lollipop stick in it. Spread with peanut butter. Roll in shredded coconut. Top with melted dark chocolate. Freeze and Enjoy!

And finally, Looking at the picture below, you would assume the kids were enthralled with a Veggie Tale video or Dora...

Not quite! Ansley requests to watch Wyatt on the computer all the time. I'll pull his video up (same video I have at the bottom of my blog) for her and she knows how to keep making it play once it's over. She'll watch it over and over again. She even sings along.

Wyatt continues to be a daily part of our family's life. I think it's sweet for Ansley and Eli to want to watch their brother.


I know this was a rather lengthy post, but I really enjoy sharing my family. It seems like most of my posts are so sad. It's nice to be able to write a post without crying. I hope you've enjoyed sharing in some of the moments of my life that are precious to me.



Just Breathe said...

Eli is so cute. Hope he gets it soon. Love the banana pop idea.
Thanks. I have to say that the computer watch, being Wyatt, got me. That is so sweet and so sad.

Holly said...

I enjoyed it!! I'm starting to introduce Kyndra to the potty and she's peed in it like 3 times so far-3 days in a row but then the good luck stopped. lol She loves sitting on it I guess not peeing in it though.

I think the Daddy alarm is a cute idea! And those banana pops would be a great treat!!! I should give that a try!! I love including Carleigh in our daily lives b/c she's very much (and always will be) a part of us!

EMILY G. said...

very great post!! beautiful family! oh and i know that "quiet"! lol!

Kristy said...

You have 2 adorable kids. Love the potty training story...we thought we would attempt that with K, who was 2 in June but yeaaaaaa....the underwear has been bought and washed. Does that count for something? ha.

Love the banana snack idea too...have to omit the chocolate (my daughter is allergic to milk), but I defineltly want to try it.

Thank you for sharing your family with me...err, us. Beautiful.

Roxanne said...

I love the Idea of the daddy alarm . My son goes to the window many times a day to see if he is home yet and I think setting this alarm would work great for us . Thanks for passing the idea on .


Missing Kasey said...

So sweet! Kids do the darnedest things! I love that they love to watch Wyatt's movie.

House of Collinsworth said...

Hope this will help!!!!

Mary Ellen said...

I really enjoyed that post. i love seeing your other babies too. They are so cute and look like they have such great personalities. I will be trying the bananna pops tomorrow, they look super yummy!

croleyc69 said...

What a great post & I remember when my son went through that stage. I was a single Mom & it was hard for me to train him, LOL. I love all those pics so cute & setting a alarm, I would never have thought of that one, soooo cute. I love it that they watch the video of Wyatt, I'm glad he is a part of there daily life. The snack looks good to, I'm big on healthy eating. Again thanx for sharing all that. It's nice to know all kids are that from time to time. My older 2 are sometimes worse than my 5 yr old. Have a great one. :)