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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer Request

I met a woman named Lena through my blog that will need to be kept in your prayers. Lena's son Chandler was diagnosed with the same thing Wyatt had, and is scheduled for a c-section to have Chandler tomorrow.

Lena has known for a couple of days now that tomorrow would be the day... I feel lucky in the instance that labor just happened for me. I can't fathom knowing the day. I've been getting nervous for her. I've actually been losing sleep. I want so badly to protect her from what she is most likely about to go through.

Please pray for this family and stop by her blog Our Little Baby Boy Chandler and love on her a bit. I know the anxiety she must be feeling as she gets closer to meeting her son. I pray with all my heart she will get time with her son before he passes if the diagnosis is correct. Chandler has less wrong with him than Wyatt did... Heck, I'm still not past praying for a misdiagnosis.

Here I am. Once again praying for God to give a different answer than what the rest of the world is telling me will happen. I want so badly for God to answer my prayers differently this time. I'm praying in hope. Hope for a miracle God CAN do. Although I wish God answered my family with a yes, it's not too late for him to answer this family in the way I so hoped he would answer ours.


croleyc69 said...

Going right there now to check out her blog & praying for her.

Holly said...

I am praying for Lena and I am heading her way now!!

Franchesca Cox said...

It is just God to put you in her life. God is good. I will defintely be praying for a miracle! Thank you for sharing.

Malory said...

On my way to her page as well...

Just Breathe said...

I will be praying. How sad.