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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am really starting to "nest". I started going through this intense feeling that I needed everything in order by the time I reached my 33 week and 2 day mark (the day I had Wyatt in my last pregnancy). I guess I half way expected my pregnancy to end one way or another one that particular day for some reason... Can I just say I'm so glad it didn't!

I had nothing done that needs to be done before Seth makes his grand entrance into the world. I've been really bad about letting my fear of leaving the hospital empty handed paralyze me from doing anything except worry. I'm guilty of thinking about what we would do in the event of another tragic ending instead of what we'll do with the happy beginning I so hope we have instead. I've given it to God, and I hope... but I still realize I have no control over what is going to happen and it scares me. I'm scared because I can't know with 100% certainty that God has the same outcome planned for Seth as I hope he does. I feel like God and I are on the same page this time around, but I wish I could just fast forward and KNOW!

Anyways, I'm getting really off topic from what this post was originally supposed to be about...

I've had Seth's blanket, which I wrote about here earlier, close to being finished for a while, but I've been procrastinating to actually finish up the last couple of rows. You know, letting the fear thing do it's havoc on my mental well being and overall state of mind.

Well, not anymore. It's finally done!

And how awesome is it that we were given this adorable diaper bag that just so happens to have the exact same colors as I used in Seth's blanket? Pretty neat and not all a coincidence if you ask me!

And I didn't stop with finishing Seth's blanket...

I also packed a bag for Ansley to take to my mother and father in laws house with her clothes labeled and separated by fabric softener sheets so they will smell good if they have to sit in her bag for a while.

And I packed Eli's bag the same way...

And Seth's bag for the hospital complete with his lion and finished blanket...

I've even got my bag (sorry, I forgot to take a picture), complete with a change of clothes for Joseph, mostly packed minus the toiletry items and our electronic stuff (video camera, camera, phones, chargers, etc...).

But it doesn't stop there... I even got Eli's old car seat (the only baby thing we kept besides our double stroller) cleaned up and ready to be installed in our expedition. Of course we won't install until after Seth gets here, but it makes me feel better to know it is ready.

I still have lots to do, but I feel like I can breathe easier knowing I'm not completely unprepared. This was a huge step for me!



Jen said...

the blanket is adorable! I love the bags packed and labeled..I do the same thing ;)

Holly said...

Love his blanket! Great job on it! And kudos for getting stuff packed! The fabric sheets are a good idea!

Sarah said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blanket, you clever girl!! So beautiful!

Great idea labelling the kids' packed bags....I'll file that one away :)

.....on another note- I understand- and I keep having those kinda conversations with myself in my head trying to "rationalise" somehow that this time it is going to work out. That God and I must surely be on the same page this time.....and then I'm planning ahead for when bub arrives, talking about it, but still in my head second guessing and thinking "IF", provided we get to keep this one.........sigh.

I understand and I'm praying for your heart as much as a safe delivery for your healthy little man xx

Anonymous said...

The blanket is too cute.

croleyc69 said...

I love the blanket.
The kids stuff all packed is so cute !!!
I'm always praying for you so much and your whole family !!!!


Mary said...

You are so cute. Love that you have everything labeled and with a fabric sheet. So very organized.