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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Belated Thank You's

In keeping with the pattern of my life, I am very behind on thanking some very sweet women for gifts they have sent my way. I just took my time getting pictures of everything and I apologize it's taken me so long to get around to it. I am so thankful and touched my your generosity.

First of all, I received this handmade ornament from Jessalyn.

I absolutely love the picture of Jesus holding the baby above his head. When I think about Wyatt, that is one of the images I get in my head and it makes me smile to think that if I'm not able to do that with Wyatt, that there is no other "person" I would rather do it with him than Jesus.

I then received this plaque for Jennifer over at The Blue Sparrow as a gift for Seth. There are two tags left blank so that I can put Seth's birth stats after he is born. Jennifer picked up on the fact that I was having difficulty enjoying my pregnancy because of fear and she sent me this to make me feel better. What a sweet gesture! I took this picture 10 weeks ago (I told you I was really behind) when I was 24 weeks pregnant right before I hug it up on the wall in our office (which will be Seth's room).

I also got a package in the mail from Rachel, all the way from Hawaii! Inside, I found this adorable outfit for Seth. It has elephants on it as a way to honor Wyatt as a big brother and I think the outfit will be so handsome on little man when he gets here and grows big enough to wear it.

She even sent books and bracelets for the kids which they loved! Ansley asked if it was Christmas!

And then, to make a hard first Mother's Day without one of my children here a little easier, Sarita, who I am delighted has a blog now, sent me some stickers for the kids along with a beautiful tag with Wyatt's initials and an elephant on it. I don't know if she realized this, but Seth was even included by the addition of the lion!

Thank you so much ladies for the sweet and thoughtful gifts!

There has also been quite a few people who have sent pictures of Wyatt's name for his name gallery. I would like to say a special thank you to each of you! If you haven't seen Wyatt's name gallery just follow this link to see the creative pictures people have sent to me.



Rachel E. said...

Thank you for posting these pictures, Danielle! I love Ansley and Eli's expressions when they're holding the books. I'm so glad they like them.

Holly said...

I'm glad you got such nice gifts!

Emily said...

As much as being part of this "group" stinks, the support we give each other is amazing. :)

croleyc69 said...

Such wonderful gifts !!!