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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Trimester Ultrasound Screening

Yesterday was a big day for Joseph, myself, and our fourth baby Finchum. Once again, I didn't sleep prior to my doctors appointment. I get so nervous now... I get so scared.

As we were driving to Knoxville for this appointment, I realized the closer I got toward Knoxville (where I had all my appointments with Wyatt just at a different hospital) the more physically ill I became. I didn't realize how much driving that hour drive would effect me. It all felt too familiar for my comfort. I had myself convinced they would find something wrong with my baby simply because of the fact that we were having to drive to Knoxville for an appointment during this pregnancy. I am 100% positive I made the best decision for me by choosing to see a different doctor at a different location for this pregnancy as opposed to returning to my old doctor. That drive alone convinced me.

I didn't eat anything before my appointment because my stomach was already doing flips. I already felt like I was going to be sick... I didn't need to encourage my stomach! Besides, my appointment was at 8:30 in the morning. I would be in and out by getting such an early appointment. I could get food when we got done. HA! I didn't even get in to do my ultrasound or see the doctor until after 11:00! Nerves, nausea, low blood sugar... I'm surprised I didn't pass out on anybody.

I felt so much better after the ultrasound technician started the scan and I could see the baby's heartbeat. Everything looked perfect! She even told us "Don't go stock up on blue just yet, but I am pretty sure you are going to have a boy"! Hurray! She also said he was moving around A LOT! Without thinking I said "That's great", which she quickly replied "Great for you... not so good for me". Well, I thought it was wonderful regardless. My favorite part of the scan was when she took a good look at the baby's arms and legs... they were LONG! I could clearly see skinny but proportionate arms and legs with fingers and toes. What a relief.

I also had blood work done that will rule out some of the other fatal conditions baby's can have. I wasn't too thrilled about having this done because I would still carry to term, but my doctor seemed confident that it would rule out these diseases early and give me peace of mind. I should have the results back within a week, so until then I will be freaking out!

Speaking of freaking out... I did something stupid today. I had Joseph pick up my fetal heart rate doppler from a friend I'd lent it to so I could check the baby's heartbeat like I did with Wyatt. Now, I knew the placenta was blocking my angle to the baby, but I figured "Hey, they heard the heartbeat yesterday... I'm sure I can pick it up today with my doppler"... No such luck. I sat there for a good twenty minutes trying to pick up anything! And mind you, my doppler is medical grade equipment. So yes, I managed once again to freak myself out. I should have never tried until I was a little bit further along to allow the placenta to move out of the way a bit.

I'm sure all is well. I just has to be. I just saw my baby yesterday as he was trying to attack the doppler every time the technician had to push down on my belly! It was quite hilarious to watch him jump at it. I saw a heart beating strong at 163 beats per minutes. I saw perfection... just like my three babies before this one. If this baby has an ounce of fight in him like Wyatt did, and is as healthy as Ansley and Eli were... he's set to do great things in this world. I just keep praying Gods will for our newest addition is in line with what I hope it will be.



Franchesca Cox said...

Oh wow. I could have written a post like this, especially when you were talking about feeling sick right before the appointment. Another thing is that right before my first u/s I was in the same room where I had the bad news confirmed with Jenna. I just knew something would be wrong with this baby. But the tech came in, put the monitor to my belly and my baby was bouncing around just like your little one! It was as if he was letting me know "everything is okay, Mom!"... the tech said she'd never seen a baby do that many flips in a few seconds. :)

I will definitely be praying for your rainbow. What a blessing! I am thrilled for you. And how awesome that you could see his limbs!

Lots of love

Holly said...

I'm glad to hear that according to the US everything is look great! Yay!!

croleyc69 said...

I'm praying for you so much. Glad things are looking good.

3 Blessings said...

I am so happy for you. Such a blessing.

Just Breathe said...

This is wonderful. Congratulations.