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Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Need Will Power

For being so worried about this baby being healthy, I'm not doing a very good job with my "diet". Chalk it up to nerves, but the only way I am watching what I'm eating is as it goes into my mouth! Mashed potatoes, hamburgers, french fries, cookies, potato chips, pasta, breads... everything I should be limiting. I am utterly disgusted with myself.

But no more. I draw the line that should have been drawn a long time ago... I am making an effort to eat healthier as I try to say good-bye to my comfort foods. I want to know I've done everything I could possibly do to ensure this baby is 100% healthy. I have already gained 7 pounds and I'm only 13 weeks along! My goal was 20 pounds, 25 at the most... I'm getting there faster than I'd like to.

I'm simply writing about this problem so I will have someone to be accountable to. I want to do better. I want to be healthier. I want this baby to be healthy! Starting now, I will actually watch what I'm eating and make sure I'm putting foods in my body that will benefit the baby and I.

I guess this in tales a trip to the grocery store bright and early. I will have will power. I will have will power. I WILL have will power. And yes, I'll leave those chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies I've been craving right on the shelf on isle three where they belong!



Franchesca Cox said...

You can do it!! ;)

Kristi said...

We could share... I am almost 20 weeks and have lost 10lbs... Dr. Says its from stopping my Mt. Dew habbit... but it would be nice to actually fit into my maternity jeans... they are so comfy!!! I am so happy for you! No one will ever be able to replace the parts of you, that you sent with Wyatt!