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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

Have any of you seen these nifty little tests called Intelligender? I saw it for the first time when I was flipping through one of the baby magazines the doctors office sent me home with. It states it is about 82-90% accurate at determining the gender of your baby after 10 weeks... You know I had to try it.

And can you guess whats super neat about the day I am 10 weeks pregnant?... It's also my birthday! Of course I got impatient and couldn't wait the two extra days until my birthday, so I took it today...and according to Intelligender I am indeed getting my boy! I can't think of anything (besides having Wyatt here too) that could make this day any better. It is supposed to take up to 10 minutes to read the results and it very clearly said BOY after just two minutes!

[I will keep trying to get the picture of the results to post... I having technical difficulties!]

Of course, I know there is still room for error in the test, but I mostly wanted to document the results so that I could refer back to them after our anatomy ultrasound. I can't honestly say I don't have my hopes up... Joseph and I both were hoping to have another boy. Time will tell! Either way, we'll be happy with a healthy screaming baby we get to bring home with us to keep. I just thought this was too fun not to share.



Franchesca Cox said...

Yay! I heard about that too but was too chicken to test. So I see it was correct!! :)