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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just for Comparison

I've mentioned before about the differences in the shape of my uterus from my pregnancy with Wyatt to this pregnancy, and I thought it was about time I posted a picture of the newest addition of our family to show you what I mean!

Here is the Ultrasound picture of Wyatt in my Uterus at 6w2d. Notice the odd shape and place Wyatt seems to be sitting? I remember thinking it looked odd, but the technician said everything looked normal...

And here is the Ultrasound picture of Baby Bean only 4 days further along at 7 weeks. I don't know why, but seeing that perfectly round uterus makes it a little easier to breathe... and hope!

What a difference, huh?!


Franchesca Cox said...

What a difference! i can imagine there was a *huge* sigh of relief. Right now I am 18 weeks and am already bigger than I was with Jenna at 29 weeks. There was a problem with my uterus with her too. This is such good news!