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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Leaving the First Trimester...

So it's finally here... the last week of my first trimester! I can hardly believe I already have a third of this pregnancy down. It seems like the days are crawling by and flying by all at the same time.

Studies show that your chances of miscarrying plummet to about 1% after you make it out of your first trimester. You would think this statistic would make it easier to breathe, but it really doesn't. I seem to win the jackpot in the unlucky lotteries that nobody really wants to win.

One example would be that our family was hit with the lightning strike of Thanatophoric dysplasia... a 1 in hundreds of thousands chance of such a spontaneous genetic mutation occurring.

Or how about the fact that I'm one of the .02% of women to get pregnant on birth control when I'm not on antibiotics or missing a pill?

Or even getting pregnant this time using a condom perfectly because we we were worried about getting pregnant on birth control... and finding out (after the fact) that 3% of woman still get pregnant although this form of prevention was used perfectly...

Having a narrow chance of something happening seems like an invitation for these weird, unpredictable, "That won't happen to me" things to bulldoze their ways into our life!

However, having this type of thinking won't do anything but freak me out more than I am already! On that note, take a look at these illustrations of what a 13 week old "fetus" baby looks like... I was thrilled to see our little peanut finally looks more like a baby than a butter bean!

I like to think that Wyatt has God's ear on this baby's behalf... doing the work of a big brother from heaven of all places! At least, it makes me feel better to think this could be a possibility.


Franchesca Cox said...

I love checking for these types of illustrations and to read what's going on in his growth.

After reading this post, I am starting to understand why you named the blog what you did. I think this little one just has to be a true gift from God and a miracle already!