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Monday, March 22, 2010

Question Time

I need to do a lighter post, for my own sanity, but have had no idea what I would post about.

Right now, I'm trying to just live my life day by day and be thankful for the health of my family at the moment. It works most of the time, so... that's what my life has become for the time being. I'm thankful for what I have but I'm also waiting (or expecting) the other other shoe to drop at any moment. I hope it doesn't. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised. I guess only time will tell.

I am going to leave this post for you...

Is there some nagging question you've been wanting to ask me? Something you'd like to know about me or my family? Anything? Even questions about my previous posts... or totally un-blog related? Just ask me in the comment section and the next post I do will answer any questions you may have about me.

I feel like I've gotten to know so many of you through your support, love, and just plain awesomness! Yes, I know awesomness isn't a real word, but it is on my blog. Because I declare it so. Because, you guys (well, gals mostly) are really wonderful and I'm blessed to call you my friends. You've all made a hard walk a lot more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be.

I look forward to being able to open up with you all :)



The Blue Sparrow said...

How did Joseph and you meet? How did he propose? And in what ways is your coping with grief different from his?

Rachel E. said...

Awesomeness is totally a word! I use it all the time. :-)

My question is, how old were you when you got married, and how did you and Joseph meet?

Anonymous said...

I love the way you have crocheted a beautiful blanket for all your children.When did you learn to crochet and who taught you? This is a light hearted question, but I was amazed at your talent. I have always wanted to crochet myself.
Blessings, Sarita

Kristin said...

Oh fun!! I always love to hear people talk about their "faith" stories. Did you grow up knowing God? How has your relationship changed and what "advise" would you give a new believer?

On a lighter note....what was the last book you read for fun?!


Holly said...

Have you always had an interest in photography? What got you into it?

Sarah14 said...

I've just been reading your blog as a lurker, but I've been wondering about the footprint tattoo on your hand. Whose footprints are they? :)


The next time you come back home I would like to go to lunch : ) To catch up. So my question is: can we : ) ? I have enjoyed very much being able to see God work through you and it helps me out A LOT with my own faith : )
On a different note: are you and Joseph going to have more children after Seth?