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Monday, May 4, 2009

Small Burdens

Did you know that a baby can lay sideways in a woman's stomach? Yes, sideways. Wondering how I know this? Because Wyatt has decided to stretch out in my stomach, and apparently he feels he has more room laying completely sideways!

  Not only is he sideways, but he has also managed to lay on top (yes, I said ON TOP) of my ribs! Wyatt has been in this position for the last week and refuses to move. He surely is stubborn enough to qualify as a member of the Finchum family! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not just typing a new post to complain. And I most certainly don't want to sound ungrateful, because that is far from the truth... I am so grateful for this pregnancy with Wyatt. I'll take every discomfort thrown at me if that means I get another day with my son! It's just hard to keep a positive perspective when you're really not feeling that well and trying to chase two toddlers around all day long by yourself. 

Ansley has caught on that I am moving slower these days and that I can't bend over very easily. She will do something just out of my reach that she knows she isn't supposed to do, and then take off towards her room laughing and telling me,"ha ha"! She then continues to crawl under her bed and hide, because lets face it, she's too smart for her own good and knows I can't get to her!

I do have a point to all this. Have you ever needed to actually have a conversation with God? I'm not talking just prayer here... I'm talking about a two sided "God, please help me and I need you to talk to me right now" conversation. I love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes not having that "adult conversation" will drive you to the brink of insanity. Today was one of those days! I stuck both of the kids in their rooms, put their gates up, went to my room, closed the door, and crawled into bed with my bible. I started talking to God, and told him I needed him to talk back to me. Not later this week, not even later today. I needed to hear his voice now! 

With my bible clutched between my hands I asked God to speak to me. As I opened his word, and started reading in the book of Isaiah (just happened to be where I opened my bible) a verse started screaming at me while I was reading it. It's a verse I have read many times, but it never actually spoke to me until today. And today, It was a verse that demanded my attention. 

"Listen to me, O house of Jacob, all you who remain of the house of Israel, you whom I have upheld since you were conceived and have carried since your birth. Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." (Isaiah 46:3-4)

God made it very clear to me in those verses, that no matter what I am going through, he cares. I've always been told that no problem is too big for God, and I believe that whole heartedly. But what about the small problems? Do you ever feel petty for burdening God with the small burdens you carry day to day in your life? I used to, but that stops today. A bunch of little burdens piled onto a scale can accumulate a hefty weight. God promises to sustain us, to carry us, to rescue us. If God is carrying us, isn't he in turn carrying all of our burdens as well? If God wants us to rejoice with him in even our smallest blessings, shouldn't we turn to him for our smallest burdens too? It comes down to a relationship. We tell our spouses or a special friend about all of our problems... shouldn't we be talking to God about them too?  

Isn't it so wonderful to serve a God who cares? I serve a God who is carrying me through a very dark valley of my life. A God who will sustain me through an uncomfortable part of my pregnancy. A God who will rescue me, if I feel my burden has become to great to bear. A God who cares about what I go through day to day! It's nice to know that no matter what problem I'm facing, whether big or small, I have a God who is there to carry and sustain me. 


Jessica said...


You do not know me. I am the sister of one of your friends. I just want to say that I am praying for you and Wyatt. I felt so much better after reading your notes and knowing that you have accepted God in your life and trust the He will always be there for you. You are exactly right in everything you have said. God wants you to put all your burden on him. He does not care how big or small it is. He loves you and although he may not always answer, He has a plan far greater than we can see or imagine for us. You are a strong woman, and I hope nothing but the best for you. I wish this world had more people like you in it. Ones that have trusted God as their savior. My pastor once said to me,"If only people carried around their bibles like they do their cell phones...the world would be such a greater place, wouldnt it?" I apologize for such the long email. I just want you to know that you have people praying for you to have strength, and for Wyatt to prove that miracles do happen. Please take care of yourself. God Bless.