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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Made with Love

I have made a baby blanket for each of my children. My Nana taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl, and I have applied that knowledge to make blankets for each of my babies. Ansley's was a white blanket done in granny squares with pink flowers in the middle of each square, while Eli's was a camo blanket per the request of Joseph. Might I also add that neither one of the kids ever took to the blankets I made them! Ansley has never been a "blanket" child and Eli loves his blanket... It just happens to NOT be the one I made for him! However, I at least made one for them and I hope they will be special to the kids someday.

For those of you who know me, you know that patience is not my strongest virtue. I'm the type of person who wants it done 5 minutes ago when I decide something needs to be done. The thought of spending countless hours working on a blanket may seem like a tedious task... but really, it is completely gratifying to see the afghan come together.

When I'm working on these blankets, I don't just sit there and make a bunch of knots. I think about all the hopes and dreams I have for the baby I am lovingly (and impatiently) waiting on to arrive. I envision who they will be as adults... I think about how they will choose to serve Christ one day... I weave my heart into those stands of wool. When the blanket is complete, I will actually be wrapping all my love, hopes, and dreams around them in the form of a soft cuddly blanket. 

I didn't start Wyatt's blanket until after our 18 week ultrasound. It was a surreal feeling to buy yarn to make a blanket for our baby, knowing he might not ever get to appreciate the warmth or softness of the afghan I would make for him. I had all my hopes and dreams for Wyatt's future torn from me in a matter of seconds, and yet I knew this was something I had to do for him. Maybe this was something I had to do for myself... 

  Joseph and I picked out the colors we wanted Wyatt's blanket to be, and we choose the cuddliest yarn we could find. I started making his blanket that evening.

 Instead of weaving in my hopes and dreams for his future, I wove my heart into each knot. Every ounce of love I have for my son, and every hope I have for what God can do in his life, has gone into his blanket. Ansley has even figured out that this "blanket making stuff" is some serious business! She climbs up in my lap and "helps mommy" by holding onto the end I'm not working on. She informed me today that she was "putting her hugs" into the blanket for her baby brother Wyatt! How do you respond to such an innocent and pure expression of love?

I have faith in a God that moves mountains; A God that can raise the dead... My God. I know he can heal my son, and I will hang onto that hope until there is no more hope to be had. But if God chooses to take Wyatt from us, I can guarantee you this... Wyatt will know nothing but love in his time here with us, and he'll be able to feel our family's love while wrapped up in a soft and cuddly blanket made especially for him with love!


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mother and I'm sure wife! I have you all in my prayers. Wyatt couldn't have been blessed with a better family! sending all of my strength and love,