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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Update

We all piled into the car today to make our weekly journey to the doctors office. I wish I had more of an update to give you, but frankly, the doctors don't really seem to be able to tell us what is going on. If we are being completely honest, the doctors don't even seem to care...

I am 32 weeks pregnant. 

Over the last three weeks I have gained 30 POUNDS!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly... 30 pounds. My fingers are so swollen that my knuckles look bruised. I don't have ankles anymore, my legs ache even when they are elevated, and my feet start to turn a weird reddish-purple color when I'm on them for more than a couple of minutes! You would think the doctors would show SOME amount of concern over such a dramatic increase in my weight, but no.  You would think they would at least order some kind of test to determine what in the world is going on, but no. They just tell me to watch my salt intake, while I tell them politely that I don't like salt and have been avoiding foods that contain it! 

Besides my initial exam when I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks (speculum exam, blood work, and so on.) and ultrasounds about every 4 weeks, I have not had the FIRST test done this pregnancy. They don't even bother measuring my stomach when I go for my visits! I pee in a cup, have my blood pressure and weight checked by a nurse, and see the doctor long enough to have them check for Wyatt's heartbeat. I then repeat the whole procedure in a week.

I would LOVE to switch doctor offices, but I'm too far along. Plus, I don't think anyone would take me this far into my pregnancy. I would have switched sooner, but I really liked the office and my midwife (who I can't see anymore) before Wyatt's diagnosis was made. Every time we go to a visit now, Joseph and I feel like we are being treated like we are a lost cause and that there is no point in even dealing with us! Shouldn't they HAVE to treat my pregnancy (and me) as if it were any other normal pregnancy? 

Joseph and I both are extremely frustrated with the lack of care we are receiving. Yes, they see us weekly, but they don't tell us anything we don't already know or can't monitor ourselves. We've been put on a back burner. We have no faith in the doctors who are in charge of mine or Wyatt's healthcare. Please be in prayer for our safety and well being  as we get closer to delivery time. If I didn't already know we were in God's hands, I would REALLY be freaking out. This whole situation is scary to begin with... I shouldn't have to be worrying about my own health because my doctors aren't seeming to.