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Monday, May 4, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Child.

I know I already did a post today, but I just had to share this...

The kids were playing in the living room while I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. While I was finishing up the dishes, Ansley came up to me and told me she wanted to use "mommy's potty" (for some reason she doesn't like to use "HER" potty), so I proceeded to open our door so that she could go. I told her to come see mommy when she was done and left her to her business...

A couple minutes later, I realized things had gotten quiet. Too quiet. Any mother knows that the word "quiet" actually means "trouble" when you have a toddler running around the house. By this time I was wiping down the counters, so I quickly rinsed my dish rag out in the faucet and held my breath as I peaked around the corner anticipating the worst. When I peered into my room, this is what I found...

Apparently, while Ansley was doing her business, Eli got my fetal heart rate monitor... The funny thing is, I don't check for Wyatt's heartbeat when the kids are around. I usually check for Wyatt's heartbeat before I even get out of bed in the morning to get the kids up. Ansley and Eli have only been around to heart Wyatt's heartbeat when we go for our doctor appointments.

Okay, once again, I'm rambling. Sorry! To continue my story... I watched Eli sit there and move the doppler over his belly, and then Ansley decided to joined in. Apparently, she thought Eli was doing it wrong, so she coached Eli to get on the bed and lay down... After he was laying down she lifted up his shirt and put the doppler on his bare belly. At this point, I decided to intervene. I asked the kids what in the world they were doing! Ansley promptly answered in her matter-of-fact tone that they were going to listen to baby Wyatt's heartbeat.

Let me tell you, kids have a better perception to what is going on around them then you think they do. I've known for a while that Ansley was aware something was happening, but I really thought Eli was too young. Maybe I was wrong... After all, he was the one who A.) found the heart rate monitor B.) Figured out how to turn it on, and C.) Place it on his stomach. He may not speak many words, or even cue us in as to how much he really understands, but It dawned on me tonight that he knows more than I was giving him credit for.

Ansley and Eli are such amazing children. They always manage to bring smiles to our faces. And they both love their baby brother Wyatt dearly! Ansley is constantly lifting up my shirt and talking to Wyatt through my belly button (apparently she thinks it's a microphone). She tells Wyatt that she loves him, to be a good boy, and she even sings "You are My Sunshine" to him! Eli doesn't do much in the talking department, but every once in a while, out of the blue, he'll come over to my belly and say, "baby" as he points to my stomach. 

It was such a blessing to see the children trying to do something that included Wyatt on their own whim tonight. Wyatt is still growing inside of me, but he is already such a big part of our family. Not just for Joseph and I, but apparently for Ansley and Eli as well! I've been calling Wyatt my "third miracle in the making" from the very get go... I really hope God shows the world through Wyatt that miracles still happen! 


Scotti said...

How cute and amazing that they knew what to do with the dopler!!!
You've got some very smart kiddos!

Amanda Scott said...

This is so precious. You have got some amazing kids. You are right we can never underestimate what they know! What a blessing.