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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wyatt's Name

I've started a name gallery for Wyatt over on my Facebook account and it gave me the most wonderful idea. I want to include a "memory book" on the table for Wyatt's first birthday. Of course, I will add pictures from my pregnancy with him, from his ultrasounds, and after he was born... but I don't want to give people the opportunity to think his impact stopped after his body was no longer physically here.

So this is where you could help me out if you don't mind. I will be including all the pictures from Wyatt's name gallery in his memory book to be displayed at his party. It's my way of showing that although he is gone physically, his memory lingers in the hearts of people who have grown to care for and love him just by reading his story. I will be doing some pictures of his name myself to add to his gallery, but I would love it if you could contribute a picture between now and his first birthday (June 1st)!

It can be as little as scribbling his name somewhere and snapping a picture with your camera phone... anything will be cherished! The pictures can be sent to my e-mail address Please include your name, your blog, and what part (even if it's only the state or region) of where the picture was taken. I would love to include that at the bottom of the picture as a caption in Wyatt's book. It will be neat to see friends (you guys) who have come into my life through my sweet baby boy, write your own chapter in the story of Wyatt's life!



Charity said...

Will do!! :-)

Franchesca Cox said...

I have something special for you!

Jaime said...

Check your inbox! ;)


Mary said...

I would love to.

Holly said...

I'll do that some time!

leannenannette said...

I'm getting ready to e-mail you some pictures!