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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day at the Park

Today has been an emotional day for me.

I decided to pack up a picnic so Joseph and I could take the kids to play at the park. It was a gorgeous day! A little hot for my taste, but absolutely wonderful in the cool of a shade tree.

When we first arrived at the park we enjoyed some chicken salad sandwiches on flaky croissants, strawberries, pasta salad, citrus salad, boiled eggs, and some good ol' southern style sweet tea! Ansley was more interested in playing and needed to be reminded that she had to finish her food before she was allowed to play... I don't think she actually sat down for a consecutive 5 seconds while she ate! She ran around the comforter we'd thrown out as she stuffed her face. I was worried she was going to choke, but thankfully, luck was on our side!

When we were finished filling our bellies we gave the children the go ahead to make their ways to the playground! I barely got the words out of my mouth and Ansley had Eli by the hand dragging him (apparently he wasn't fast enough) to the awaiting adventure! Squeals of delight peeled from their mouths as they raced to the playground hand in hand.

I think both of the children had the most fun on the swings. We couldn't seem to pry their little fingers off the chains of the swing! It was adorable.

Heck, even Joseph and I had fun on the swings!

Of course, the entire playground was "magical" to hear Ansley describe it.

So why was today emotional for me if it was such a "perfect" day?

I was sitting on the comforter watching the kids play when Ansley suddenly came by a swing in front of where I was sitting. She started pushing it back and forth and this went on for a minute or so before I got up to ask he if she wanted mommy to push her. She looked at me smiling and said, "In just a minute mommy! I'm pushing Wyatt in the swing. He loves to swing like I do! I'm going to push him way up high so he can have fun."

I think my heart stopped for a couple of beats. What do you say to that? I choked out that she was such a good big sister and that I bet she made Wyatt very happy for remembering him. Then I told her it was her turn to swing and that we would go over next to daddy and Eli so I could push her on the swing...

I can't imagine how much more perfect today would have been if Wyatt were really there in that swing for Ansley to push. He'd be 10 months old and full of smiles and giggles I'm sure. I hate that I can't even imagine him like that. He will always be a sweet little baby in my mind no matter how hard I try to picture what he would look like now.

Sadness aside, he was at the park with us in thought and heart. I truly am blessed with great children. As much as it stings, It means the world to me that Ansley still remembers Wyatt and tries to defy the distance between heaven and earth to continue to be a big sister to her little brother.



Sarita Boyette said...

That is the sweetest thing Ansley did! Yes, Wyatt is with you all the time. I know you miss him so much.He'll be waiting for you one day. God bless all of you.

croleyc69 said...

Glad you had such a great family time at the park. Aren't children great .... the way they handle things. I walk my children to and from school when the weather is nice. At random times my oldest Ridge will be walking and all of a sudden talk about the babies I lost and sometimes talk to them on his walk home from school. Telling them about his day. It's just sorta need how they deal with things. Sometimes I wish I was a child on days I have it tough but then I think that's Why God blessed us with such beautiful blessings. Children always find a way to pull us through whatever.
Beautiful post and wonderful pictures.

Melody said...

That is so sweet! Ansley is such a good big sister.

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful children you have...especially your daughter playing with her brother in heaven. So precious.

The Blue Sparrow said...

That was so sweet of her to include him in her fun. What a precious little girl you've got there Danielle. *HUGS*

Holly said...

What a great day at a park and such a sweet (and emotional) moment with Ansley.

Mary Ellen said...

What a tender-hearted little girl you have :-) Looks like it was a fun day for you all.