Click below and Google will call you to connect you to my voicemail! Numbers are always private.

Friday, March 4, 2011

This could be REALLY neat!

This is only free for people in the United States and Canada (from what I've gathered)...

I just discovered this nifty little service that google offers and I'm playing around with it! Apparently, this service called Google Voice allows me the opportunity to record a custom greeting for a widget that I can post on my blog! (Or anywhere else I want to put it for that matter!)

Whats cool about this, is that when you click on the button (which is at the top center of my page below my header), it will ask you for your name and telephone number. It also gives you the option to keep your phone number private. Once you've entered in the information you will want to hit "Connect". A message will then pop up that the call is being connected. (Have your phone close by, because it will be ringing away shortly after you press the "connect" button.)

When you answer your phone it will automatically connect you to my voicemail after a couple of rings.

Then you can listen to my wonderful (okay, it's actually pretty lame and you can tell I was reading it because I really am that terrible with recording messages) pre-recorded greeting. So not only will you get to hear my voice, but I will get a chance to hear yours! We'll be one step closer to be IRL (in real life) friends :) Numbers both ways are completely private (as long as you make sure you check the "keep number private" box as you are placing your call...

I won't have access to your number, and you won't have access to mine. It seems like a pretty "safe" service. And it definitely seems like a neat idea to get to know each other better.

What do you say... Anyone want to give it a try?

Also, if you have a Google Voice account set up, let me know... I'd love to call and say hello to you!



Mary said...

I may be brave and do that. LOL