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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Trip

Horray! I am finally able to sit down in front of a my computer and tether my phone to the internet long enough to get pictures to upload!!! Yay for tiny miracles :)

I have so much I want to post and catch up but I'm not sure how long my phone will keep signal so I will have to be brief.

Over the weekend I got to visit with Celia and Gabriel. I WAS SO NICE! We met about halfway (although poor Celia ended up driving a bit further than I had to).

We really didn't do much of anything, but it was nice to switch babies and cuddle them for a while. Speaking of the boys... aren't they adorable together?

We of course didn't forget to bring Noah's Tiger and Wyatt's elephant along for the trip. (We really didn't take the stuffed animals shopping with us. I just thought it made a cute photo opt as we were getting ready yo head back home.)

Once again, it was SO NICE spending the day with my dear friend and her deliciously chunky little monkey! I LOVE his ROLLS! I mean look at him! And how cute is it that the boys look like they were trying to hold hands?!

The trip was way too fast, but I had to drive through the snow and needed to make sure I had daylight to make it home through the mountains. I think Gabriels face in the following picture sums up the sentiments of how we felt about heading home... LOL!



croleyc69 said...

Love those pics. So glad you guys got to meet up again. I love that you had the elephant and tiger then. Those boys are going to be the best of friends forever.


Mary said...

So glad to hear from you again.

There is going to be a bond with these boys for sure. They are so adorable. Their big brothers are probably just as close.